I am a purpose-driven creative director based in San Francisco. I am passionate about using my talents and time on this earth to make things that matter, with and for everyone involved in the creative process - my team, my clients and my community. My infectious enthusiasm and positivity, coupled with my sense of wonder keep life interesting all the time. Inspiration is everywhere. My superpowers of empathy and intuition, along with background in documentary make me a natural explorer and investigator. Generating ideas energizes me.

I’ve worked as a creative director and producer for clients such as Canon, HBO, HarperCollins, New Orleans Tourism, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Salt Lake City Tourism, Toyota, Uniqlo and Verizon. Independently, I’ve launched my own jewelry line, designed a t-shirt for The Gap, published my illustrations, filmed several music videos, and shot a documentary commissioned by Tobago Fashion Week. But what I’m most proud of are the day to day human moments when I have the opportunity to uplift and inspire others through my work and through my way of being. The most meaningful projects I’ve worked on include a Violence Prevention Campaign for the City of Boston, and the programs I’ve concepted and directed for Students of the World.

If you are feeling any of this or want to collaborate contact me here.